Saturday, 10 June 2017

MSQ Again & Crowle Moor NNR,Saturday & Sunday,3rd/4th June 2017.

With the dragonfly season in full swing now,i visited four sites over this weekend with a great variety of wildlife,wildflowers and birds as always encountered on my travels.So on this latest post i am going to do things a little differently to the usual and just post a selection of photos of the fantastic wildlife recorded over the two days.
Volucella bombylans,Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR.

Cuckoo Flower,Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR.

Scaeva pyrastri,Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR.

Tropidia scita,Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR.

Garden Chafer,Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR.

Dog Rose,Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR.

Xylota segnis,Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR.

Dune Helleborine,Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR.

Meliscaeva auricollis,Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR.

Common Broomrape,North Lincolnshire.

Common Broomrape,North Lincolnshire.

Common-spotted Orchid,North Lincolnshire.

Cream-spot Ladybird,Crowle Moor NNR.

Large Heath,Crowle Moor NNR.

Degeer's Longhorn Moth,Crowle Moor NNR.

Parhelophilus fruitetorum/versicolor,Crowle Moor NNR.

Sericomyia silentis,Crowle Moor NNR.

Platycheirus rosarum,Crowle Moor NNR.

Lizard Orchid,South Yorkshire.

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